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Learn on-line with Scuba-Eco

Today the variation in environmental challenges is enormous. The aquatic realm is affected by many. Coverage in the press is dominated by climate change, food production and sea level rise – they are considered to have the biggest effect on human populations. These are not the only challenges for the (near) future. In one of the biggest eco system assessments ever done by the UN, the Millennium Assessment  has identified inland and coastal waters to be among the ecosystems most affected by human activities.

Scuba divers are witness of changes in the underwater world. Their first hand reports can help to assure early recognition of deteriorating ecosystems. Scuba-eco is a web service for (and by) scuba divers to assist them to perform their adopted role as ambassadors for the aquatic realm.

Volunteer projects / stewardship

How to support us and these projects?

We believe that the privilege of living in the middle of nature and making a living of the ocean comes with a responsibility to take care of our environment as best as we can. We have become stewards of our area and are involved in many projects to help directly and indirectly in keeping Barkley Sound as healthy as possible. Apart from the obvious things we do like "reduce, reuse and recycle" investing is cleaner and more efficient energy etc. there are many more activities that we spend time and money on to give an extra push in the right direction.


Check out how a Vancouver Island University student turns beach garbage in art.   Article     News report

There are various ways how you can help! The easiest way is to see if you can participate in these projects in your local area. The more people participate the greater the effect will be. In the sections below you will find more information on the various projects and direct links to the websites if applicable. 


Another way to support our efforts is to purchase unique DVD

"Kelp and Critters". Proceeds from this DVD go towards our projects and the maintenance and purchase of equipment that we use. 

For only C$20 you will get this DVD that will take you through a journey of 4 seasons of marine life in the Pacific Northwest.


And last but not least is spread the word to others about the projects and get them involved too


Thank you very much for your support!. 

Vancouver Aquarium

Rendezvous Dive Adventures projects

The Vancouver Aquarium has long been involved in conservation and research projects. Some of their projects are joint ventures  with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans such as the BC Cetacean Sighting Network. Others are independent projects.   They include the annual Lingcod egg mass count,  Rockfish surveys and wolf-eel research projects. 

Rendezvous Dive Adventures supports the Vancouver Aquarium in several ways. Specific underwater footage is given for use in both their public galleries to educate the visitors as well as for specific video production outlining their research efforts.

Rendezvous Dive Adventures also participates each year in the Annual Lingcod egg mass count. The Vancouver Aquarium has the longest running survey for the egg masses of this endangered fish. The aim is to monitor the number, sizes and condition of the eggs in order to assess the recovery of this important species.  


                 Male lingcod guarding an egg mass


Rockfish have like many other species misunderstood and over-fished. Depending on the species Rockfish can be over 100 years old and a some of them do not reach reproductive maturity until they are 50 years old, the recovery is very slow. Rendezvous Dive Adventures does rockfish surveys The survey's goal is to obtain distribution and abundance indicators

Learn to distinguish the different rockfish species with this cool interactive rockfish game

Other projects with the Aquarium:


Getting involved



Work experiences

Rendezvous Dive Adventures has a number of its own projects.

Besides the daily recovery of floating garbage and debris which          we pick up, sort out and bring to Port Alberni for recycling or proper disposal, we also have initiated the following projects:


Shark survey week: 

Each year Rendezvous Dive Adventures welcomes  Dr. Chris Harvey-Clark, a veterinarian and shark researcher working at UBC. Together with a crew of divers, the waters of Barkley Sound are surveyed for the presence of six gill sharks. Although divers look for these sharks from May until October the peak of the encounters is August and September. The sharks are documented and filmed or photographed and an annual log is maintained to keep track of this species. The data is shared with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) who now has a program to educate fishermen about these sharks and they thus hope to reduce by-catch. The survey also includes ratfish and dog fish. All data are also entered on the Shark Observation Network where the data can be accessed by researchers and divers alike.




       Bluntnose six gill shark             Spotted ratfish

Shark presentation              Shark sighting work sheet




The 2011 survey crew. lots of sharks, lots of fun!!




Other projects include volunteer diving on snagged nets to 

remove them from reefs. This is an ongoing activity which takes 

place as needed. The removal of nets in October and November 2011 has led to discussions with DFO to make reporting the loss of a 

net a mandatory condition of commercial fishing licenses as well as the potential marking of the nets. Discussions on this are ongoing.



Bamfield Marine Science Centre

Department of Fisheries and Oceans

The Bamfield Marine Science Centre is located in Bamfield and is used by 5 major universities in Western Canada. Our support is multi discipline. We provide video clips for their on-line 

"Ocean Link" web program as well as participate in some of their research. One of them is the mapping of eelgrass beds in Barkley Sound. Eelgrass is a very important habitat where spawning takes place as well as food and shelter for juvenile species can be found. Under section 35 of The Fisheries Act eelgrass areas are protected.

The data is also shared with DFO.





                             mapping eelgrass beds

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans or DFO for short is   Canada's ministry responsible for for the use of aquatic resources as well as the making, implementation and enforcement of regulations. 

Over the years many controversial decision have been taken and we certainly do not agree with everything that DFO does or stands for. HOWEVER there are many important programs that merit our support and in return we receive support fro some of our programs.


Rendezvous Dive Adventures is a First Responder for the BC Marine Mammal Response Network. This network of volunteers reports 

directly to a hot line any marine mammal that is harassed, sick deceased or injured. Whales have been rescued for entanglement in net and other fishing gear. Injured mammals like sea lions have been rescued in co-operation with the Marine Mammal Rescue Program from the Vancouver Aquarium. We have also donated images which were used in the recent guide for the BC Marine Mammal Response Network.


We also share data on whales with DFO as well as our shark survey week with DFO.





Other projects


We have another number of projects that we support & participate in. These include:


Abalone Watch (reporting suspicious diving activities for Abalone)

Elephant seal sightings (reported to UBC)

Coast Watch (keep an eye on the neighbourhood)

Reef (fish and invertebrate surveys on reefs)

Marine Life Sanctuary Society (protecting marine areas)



One of the most important tool in conservation and stewardship is education. 

Rendezvous Dive Adventures offers all their divers a free local 

critters ID course to enhance the enjoyment of the dive and to explain the complexity of the ecosystem.


We also inform fishermen (commercial and recreational) about certain species and their importance and their challenges they face as a species. This has resulted in dogfish being released from gill nets and large Lingcod females being put back in the ocean. 

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