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       Diving Vancouver Island, BC, Canada..... Discover the Barkley Sound



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     Welcome to Rendezvous Dive Adventures


Scuba diving on the west coast of Vancouver Island is a spectacular and unique experience. Discovering  Barkley Sound with 

Rendezvous Dive Adventures adds an extra dimension to it. Situated between Port Alberni and Bamfield, in the middle of nature,

we offer great diving and encounters with wildlife below and above the water. Rendezvous Dive Adventures in Barkley Sound is the 

longest running charter business of diving in BC, Vancouver Island. Home of great diving with wolf eels, Giant pacific octopus, and 

one of the world richest waters. Also called the Emerald Sea, it was rated by Jacques Cousteau as the second best site in the world! 

Rodale's dive magazine has called it the best dive destination in North America and BC waters were recently named North America's 

healthiest waters. Come and stay in our full accommodation lodge in the middle of nature and meet the eagles, bears and whales. 

Or enjoy the hot tub after a day of diving, take one of our kayaks, or just relax. You can be picked up in Port Alberni or Bamfield and small groups or individuals can join us via the local ferry. All meals are provided and Kathy's cooking is enchanting

our guests. We also offer some creature ID courses and we have limited gear rentals. It will be the perfect diving vacation or dykken 

as the Danish say ;) So come book your exclusive diving holidays for groups or individuals.

Upcoming Specials!


Aug. 15-27: Shark Survey



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NEW! Get a great souvenir of your diving holiday AND support our volunteer work by purchasing the 

unique DVD "Kelp and Critters"           


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     How to order:

     call 1877 777 9994 (US & Canada)

     call 1250 735 5050 (International)

     or e-mail us

     C$ 20.00 plus taxes

     Or check out our volunteer page

     for a retailer nearest to you


We support projects of-and volunteer for:

The Vancouver Aquarium

Bamfield Marine Science Center

Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Marine Life Sanctuary Society:


Do you know how to say "diving in Barkley Sound, Canada is the best" in Finnish? 

"paras sukellusalue maailmassa, sukeltamista Barkley Sound, Kanadassa"


This site informs you about:

diving Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

duiken, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada,

tauchen Vancouver Island, BC, Kanada, 


plonger et plongée ,îsle de Vancouvre, Columbie Brittannique, Canada, 

at dykke in Canada, dykning in Canada, bucear en Canada dykkerferie dykning

paras sukellusalue maailmassa, sukeltamista Kanadassa

nurkowanie Canada



Marine Life Sanctuary Society

Auxiliary Coast Guard


Alberta Underwater Council

BC Cetacean Sighting Network

BC Marine Mammal Response Network





More information

For more detailed information you can always call us on our toll free number 1-877-777- 9994 (US & Canada) or if you call from elsewhere 1 250 735 5050.

Please consider potential time zone difference when calling!

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Or you can send us an e-mail at anytime.

The following links will give you specific information on several topics. These links are also very useful if you have already booked a trip and need to get directions etc. 

How to get to us 

Checklist of what to bring

Barkley Sound Diving facts

Translation list aquatic life

Frequent asked questions and answers 

Other Useful sites:

Environment Canada

BC Ferries

Graylines (Greyhound bus)

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How to book

You can book through one of our associated dive shops or by booking directly with us. Associated dive shops provide quality travel services and organize complete trips. They also have preferred booking status for individuals. Check out our agenda for availability

You can make individual reservations by calling or e-mailing us.

Phone/Fax 1 250 735 5050

Toll free 1 877 777 9994 (US & Canada)

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You can now download our brochure from the download page of our site. You will need acrobat reader to open it.

NEW!!! Use Quick time view to see our new panoramic views. One of the deck and one from the docks


Meet us in person:

Event: Divers Weekend

Where: Vancouver Aquarium BC

When: Jan 18-19 2013


Extra info:







Shark Survey Week 2013 is ON! This year Shawn Larson and Jeff Christiansen from the Seattle Aquariums are our "scientists in residence" This year has 2  times 4 dive day slots. This way we can address the increased interest and give everyone a go. Contact us at 1877 777 9994 or for more info and bookings. Hurry up as there are only 5 spots left.